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GanelonRevelation Online.
GanelonPlay Paragon you losers.
Ganelon   What I played ArcheAge for like... ever. Just quit when BDO came out.

BDO I don't plan on pushing too hard since I want to play it for a long time.
Martina   There is so much to do is BDO that there is no pushing it hard but at the same time you dont want to fall way behind either.
Martina   Plus I was told you are to good for us anyways now that you have a GF. Thats why you joined some small guild that no one talks in lol.
Markusbitches what is our new game?~~!
Ganelon   Black Desert !
Martina   A few of us are playing that. where have you been?
Jeckyll   I heard he eloped with a mail order bride.
theantichris chosenHi.
Martina   hello
Jeckyll   Hey.
krillyAnyone playing devilian?
krilly   I started prophecy on Ravan server
krilly   name is krilly
Martina   Which server though lol
Martina   donated $10.00 to Prophecy.
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